May 7, 2018

Members Event: the First Ever Bowcliffe Drivers’ Car Club Meet and Our New Head of Motoring

Drivers' Club Meet

From 10 am on Sunday 24th June you are invited to roll through the magnificent Bowcliffe gates to join us for our first ever ‘Bowcliffe Drivers’ Club Sunday Meet’. You may or may not know that at the end of April every year, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs organise a ‘Drive it Day’ whereby folks are invited to dust off their precious cars and bring them out to enjoy the appreciative gazes they so deserve.

As well as being a great place to eat, drink and enjoy glorious motoring artefacts, the Bowcliffe Drivers’ Club is just that. A Driver’s Club. So arrive at 10 am for a Yorkshire breakfast of delicious bacon butties and light refreshments before getting excited about each other’s wheels, oohing and aahing over a lovely pair of carburettors, talking nostalgically about motors gone by and simply indulging in your passion.

Rosie Battye Head of Motoring

Equally important is that we will be joined on the day by Bowcliffe’s newly appointed ‘Head of Motoring’, Rosie Battye (pictured above in her 1926 Sunbeam Super Sport, 3-litre twin cam – very cool!). We are often asked to help organise events involving cars at Bowcliffe, be it new model launches on the lawns, corporate days, or a boisterous driving day/rally on the glorious roads that surround us. We decided it was about time to apply ourselves in the way we do with everything here at Bowcliffe and employ someone whose passion for cars (and unbelievable organisation skills) will make these sort of events better than ever.

Haven fallen in love with classic cars at an early age, Rosie was lucky enough to grow up in a garage surrounded by fascinating machines. When she reached the ripe old age of 20 Rosie embarked on her first of now many London to Brighton Car run. Her passion for all things motoring, especially pre-war, has led to her organising rallies in Belgium, France, Ireland and 1000 miles around Scotland.

If you would like to join us on Sunday 24th June please contact Rosie on so we know you are coming. Oh, and keep your eyes out for upcoming information on our Michelin Starred Motoring Day – coming soon!

Look forward to seeing you there!