October 3, 2017

Watch: Bowcliffe Hall – The Whole Story

The transformation of Bowcliffe Hall has been a spectacular journey to watch unfold. But when you’re in the midst of a project – or in this case, any number of individual projects within an overarching master plan – it can become hard to remember exactly how far you’ve come, the hurdles along the way or indeed, exactly why having an unwavering vision and never deviating from it can lead to truly remarkable results.

With this in mind, Bowcliffe Custodian Jonathan Turner – whose vision makes Bowcliffe what it is today – decided to commission a film to document the rise and rise of Bowcliffe Hall, with the intent to create something that would be around forever and truly capture the transformation of the Estate.

Filming began at the beginning of the Bowcliffe master plan and has taken just over a year to work through and edit. With comments from Jonathan and interviews with all the key people involved in driving the project, the film tells the story of how the outlandish ideas turned into remarkable realities.

Give it a watch, we’d love to know what you think…

One Response to “Watch: Bowcliffe Hall – The Whole Story”

  1. Helen Woodcock

    Such an interesting story in a truly amazing place, Helen