June 24, 2015

When Work Meets Play – the Bowcliffe Cricket Pavilion

Pavilion Bowcliffe Hall

This blog was inspired by a recent article that noted the links between creating inspiring workplaces and using them to attract the happiest and most talented workforce. It got us thinking about all the beautiful office spaces we’re lucky enough to have on the Bowcliffe Estate, from the delightful Rosemount and Keepers Cottage, through to the sympathetically restored and extended Coach House.

However, there was one office space in particular which resonated most, and it may surprise you to know that it was The Pavilion. This sunny, colourful office space – which overlooks the Bramham cricket pitch and orchard – is full of natural light and character. However it’s The Pavilion’s rich and splendid history that makes it a truly inspiring space.

Pavilion Bowcliffe Hall

So inspiring in fact, that The Pavilion was included in a book written on the definitive guide to 50 of Britain’s most unusual cricket pavilions, ‘The Pavilion Book of Pavilions’ by Jonathan Rice. As far as the author of said book could find, the Bowcliffe Pavilion is the only Pavilion in history to have begun life as troop dormitory, then situated in Pocklington.

The building’s wartime effort did not stop there as the grade II listed hall also housed Italian prisoners of war during the Second World War.

Owned by the Bayford Group, and set just a clump of trees away from the magnificent Bowcliffe Hall – The Pavilion was, for some time, the heart of the Bramham cricket community – with the teams numerous trophies, team photos and sundry all on show in the local pub. Before its restoration into the beautiful, modern, single storey 1,120ft office space it is today, The Pavilion showed signs of luxury that if given the chance, may well have been as splendid as Lords (!), with dressing room sinks equipped with bars of Imperial Leather rather than the usual institutional carbolic and colourful paper chains strung from the ceiling on evenings where tourists from Brandon in County Durham were entertained.

The Pavilion’s history is showcased in a beautiful building which has provided space for both work and play, so if you’re looking for an office space with a difference, then this superb ex troop dormitory just off the A1, may well be the best place for you.

Pavilion Bowcliffe Hall

For more information on the Pavilion or any other office spaces on the Bowcliffe Estate please email Lucinda Jennings at offices@bowcliffehall.co.uk or click here

The Pavilion – office facilities & details

  • 1,120 sq ft (NIA) of single storey, modern office space, ideal for up to 12 people.
  • Business ready
  • Beautiful views
  • South facing verandah
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Membership of Bowcliffe Drivers’ Club
  • Reduced rates for meeting room hire
  • Onsite IT advisory service
  • Free private car parking
  • Bicycle storage
  • Electric car charging points
  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring across the grounds

Taking an office on the Bowcliffe Hall Estate is a lifestyle choice. We offer a unique, uplifting work environment and seek to support and assist you in any way we can to make the day to day running of your business and the happiness of your team, the best it can be. Join our running club or weekly Pilates sessions, have your car valeted or your dry cleaning collected – anything we can do to help you, we will. With an on site IT advisory service, free car parking, bicycle storage and electric car charging points, we strive to cater for your every need.


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