March 1, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Luxury British Jewellery Brand Shoot New Collection at Bowcliffe

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Every inch of the Bowcliffe Estate is a photographers dream, so it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing us for the backdrop for their latest product launches, events, photo shoots and film shoots. We’ve had product shot on the Wing, luxury garden sculptures dotted about the impeccable lawns and drones swooping overhead to capture the beauty of Bowcliffe from the sky.

Recently, we welcomed luxury British-born jewellery brand Rachel Elizabeth Wood to shoot a range of the brand’s current collections plus some new images of one of their latest collections, the ‘Pretty Cheval’ range.

We spoke to Rachel about her day at Bowcliffe, and what she liked most about the location, plus we got access to some of the wonderful behind the scenes shots from the day…

How many people did you bring to shoot the jewellery collection on the day?

I had a team on 5 on the day.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

How long did you spend shooting?

We arrived at 8am for the photographer to get a good look at the grounds and the models to get ready. We started the shoot at roughly 10am and finished at 5pm. It was a long but extremely productive day!

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Tell us, how did the day go?

We had a really successful day shooting and the pictures worked out fantastically. I can’t thank Jonathan (Turner, Bowcliffe CEO) and his team enough. We were made to feel extremely welcome and nothing was too much trouble. We had full access to the house and the grounds and were very lucky with the Yorkshire weather too – it was a glorious day!

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Which season/style/collection of jewellery were you shooting?

We brought a range of our current collections with us, including some of our equestrian jewellery and shooting pieces. The main objective of the day was to get some good shots of the new collection at the time, which was the Pretty Cheval range. Some of them are already being used on the website.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Why did you choose Bowcliffe for the shoot?

Well for one, the house is really accessible, not like some stately homes, but above all, it is stunning both inside and out. Wherever you look it’s obvious it has been renovated to the highest of standards and was a great fit for our luxury jewellery.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Which was your favourite part of the Estate to shoot in?

Jewellery is a really hard subject to shoot because it’s small and therefore easy to get lost on style shoots. The light in the house – particularly the incredible Ballroom – was just stunning. The photos we shot in this room required little to no editing by our photographer. We were really spoiled for choice because everywhere you look is beautiful. I really love the personality the house and grounds have; it’s totally unique and special.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Tell us a little bit about Rachel Elizabeth Wood jewellery – who do you envisage wearing the pieces?

Rachel Elizabeth Wood is a luxury British-born jewellery brand founded in 2012 by me, an entrepreneur, designer & goldsmith.

We are proud of our hard-earned reputation. Every item of jewellery is individually handcrafted in our studio using the finest materials and traditional techniques and each piece combines British style and contemporary design with a dash of eccentricity.

Our jewellery is award-winning and collected worldwide. It has also been exhibited in prestigious institutions including the V&A Museum and the British Museum.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Anything else you want to add?

We would love to return to Bowcliffe Hall in future. Its just perfect and a really diverse shoot location. The team is amazing and helped us to achieve great results! Oh, and I should probably mention that we have just launched our new collection Rachel Elizabeth Wood Minis. Synonymous with a very British sense of style, the ‘Minis’ are feminine, delicate and quirky. Every Mini is individually designed and handmade in our studio in England by me and my team. We have a range of Minis from Mr Fox to our Land Rover Defender charms. The idea for the collection came about because I grew up in the countryside in the wilds of Lancashire on a farm surrounded by nature.

I lived for the adventure in rivers and forests, roaming freely in nature’s playground. These are a nod to that.

Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_1Rachel Elizabeth Wood Jewellery_2

Rooms and spaces at Bowcliffe are available to book for either half or full day shoots. Please get in touch with our events team at or call 01937 541111 to discuss your requirements.