Michelle and Steve

“For our wedding we wanted somewhere different and unforgettable. I’d always thought Bowcliffe might fit the bill but never mentioned it to Michelle. When we first visited together it was fantastic she loved it and made the decision so easy – we didn’t even visit anywhere else. It was the perfect choice.

Choosing Bowcliffe was an easy decision as it is so very unique. It was the only venue we visited and were so pleased with our choice. We love the grounds and Hall completely, everything is immaculate and the attention to detail, as well as the quirky individual touches throughout the venue, are second to none.”


Charlotte and James

“We wanted to get married close to home, so in our case, Yorkshire. We set out trying to find somewhere suitable and even though we both drive past Bowcliffe Hall everyday we actually found out about it as a wedding venue on Pinterest! We booked a viewing and as soon as we got to Bowcliffe we knew it was where we wanted to get married – so much so that we didn’t look anywhere else.

The fact that Bowcliffe is in the next village to where we live, felt really meaningful to us and the close proximity meant that we could be more involved in sorting the décor for the day, which was a big priority for us.

Michael and the events team at Bowcliffe were so helpful and really went out of their way to help us to achieve everything we wanted for our wedding. I don’t think we ever heard ‘no’ to even one of our requests!”

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Romy and Stuart

“We visited a number of places and got fed up of being told about ‘options’. Silver gets you this, Gold a little extra and Platinum… We just wanted our wedding, not a menu that everyone else has already tried and tested.

The car history was amazing and this is something close to mine and my dad’s heart so that was a factor.

Most of all it was the atmosphere and those words, ‘what do you want?’ followed by ‘we will make it happen’.

We didn’t touch the décor to be honest. As soon as I saw the rooms and table arrangements I knew we didn’t need to add anything. The motto ‘less is more’ was said a few times and the venue speaks for itself.”

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Gemma and Ben

“As soon as we visited Bowcliffe we knew it was the venue for us. In terms of variety and sheer quality there is nothing like it. The Blackburn Wing was without doubt the crowning glory for us and we knew we wanted to get married and hold the reception inside this magnificent tree-house.

The ability to have our photos in both the modern Wing as well as in the decadent Drivers’ Club and stunning Ballroom was a dream come true. Guests couldn’t stop raving about the venue and grounds.

One of the most amazing moments of the day had to be when we both arrived separately by Helicopter – it was just another brilliant aspect of the day.”

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Wendy and Steve

“As we left Bowcliffe the first time, we were stunned into silence – we knew we’d struggle to find anywhere comparable. The Blackburn Wing made a magical venue, being in amongst the trees and with a stunning view for the meal and then the lighting effects for the evening. Bowcliffe also had a gorgeous 12-seater chapel (with its own romantic back-story) that allowed us to have a blessing with immediate family after the service.

The staff at Bowcliffe were incredibly warm, friendly and encouraged us to have what we wanted and to make the most of the venue. We really did have the freedom to do whatever we wanted – even when we brought in some fresh snow for an impromptu snowball target practice- nothing was a problem. They were willing to accommodate any request or idea with enthusiasm and strove for perfection throughout.

Bowcliffe itself and particularly the Wing are so spectacular that we didn’t need to add anything really- we just included some touches to put our own stamp on it.”

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