November 24, 2015

Five minutes with Jonathan Turner, Bayford & Co CEO, Bowcliffe Hall Custodian and Swashbuckling Entrepreneur…

For those of you who have met Jonathan, there’s more than a little of the ‘swashbuckling’ about him. Overflowing with energy, charm, enthusiasm and known for his penchant for putting the cat amongst the pigeons and causing complete chaos to the best-made business plans with the introduction of a new-fangled business ideas – Jonathan Turner is a man who knows how to make money, and have fun doing it.

We sat him down and held his attention (for as long as possible) to try and find out a little more about his way of doing business.

November 23, 2015

Bowcliffe Hall Members Event: Cheese Talk and Tasting from Judy Bell MBE at Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses

Following the unprecedented success of our first Drivers’ Club Members Evening in September, we’re delighted that Judy Bell MBE from Shepherds Purse Artisan Cheeses will be joining us for our December event.

A gutsy and passionate entrepreneur, Judy started Shepherds Purse in 1987 and is now regarded as one of the UK’s leading independent cheese producers, with no less than seven artisanal cheeses and over 250 awards to the company name.