January 31, 2017

Your wedding, your way. The magic of bespoke on your big day.

A post from Michael Gledhill, Bowcliffe Hall Director of Events. The bronze package will get you this. The silver will include that. Gold? Well if you go for that you’ll get another 10 bottles of Champagne for the reception and access to all of the three menu options – oh, and the flowers will of course smell that little bit sweeter, and the wedding cake will have a couple more layers. It’s the stuff wedding planning nightmares are made of.

January 9, 2017

Winter Gardening Tips Part One from Bowcliffe Head Gardener, Anna Chaffey…

After the last – hugely popular – blog on gardening from our own horticultural genius, head gardener Anna Chaffey, we decided it was high time she once took time out from her gardening gloves and pruners and treated us to a masterclass on everything winter gardening. From top tips to topiary and the ‘must see’ winter plants across the estate, there was so much brilliant information that we’ve actually split Anna’s winter gardening blog in two, so look out for the next installment in February…

January 7, 2017

Pure Indulgence – Long, Lazy Steak Lunches at Bowcliffe Hall

There is something utterly divine about sitting down and enjoying a melt on the tongue steak.

That’s why we’ve decided that on the last Friday of each month, The Bowcliffe Drivers’ Club will transform into the finest steakhouse in Yorkshire – welcoming you and your guests to our incredible Long Steak Lunches. And believe us, the steak has never been less humble.

January 3, 2017

Get to Know… Lee Read, Managing Director of Elitemicro

This month we took time out to chat to Bowcliffe tenant and Managing Director of Elitemicro, Lee Read. Lee let us in on the secrets of his successful IT solutions company, why Elitemicro pride themselves on an approach unlike any other, and more about his adventurous life on two wheels outside of work…

January 1, 2017

Romy and Stuart’s Elegant Wedding at Bowcliffe Hall

Romy and Stuart got engaged in Italy and chose to hold their wedding at Bowcliffe Hall in 2016. In one of the most elegant occasions we’ve had the joy to help organise and host, super-organised project manager Romy orchestrated every moment of her perfect day with help from the Bowcliffe team.