June 21, 2017

WATCH: Bowcliffe Hall, the venue and rooms

If you’re considering holding a corporate or private event at Bowcliffe, capturing the sheer magic through photos alone is difficult. Whilst every picture gives a glimpse into the diverse and beautiful nature of the Estate, the only real way to understand the delights of Bowcliffe is to either visit in person or watch our latest video, created to showcase the corporate and private¬†event spaces at Bowcliffe as well as the Estate’s unique personality. The video was shot by the very talented Jamie Curtis at Treveleyan Pictures and aims to demonstrate just how different Bowcliffe is from every other country house.

So take just two minutes of your day to soak up Bowcliffe in all its glory; sweep across the marvellous Estate, dance around the newly restored Ballroom and delve into the beautiful rooms and architecturally unbelievable Blackburn Wing…

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