July 2, 2019

July Gardening Tips from our Gardens Team

There is little more pleasurable than pottering about in the garden as the weather gets warmer, so here are some simple tips from our Head Gardener Anna on how to keep your gardens looking in great condition throughout July…

  • Dead head Roses using sharp secateurs to cut off dead flowers back to the next bud to encourage more flowers
  • Remove old flower heads from Hellebores and any failing leaves. This will improve airflow and reduce the chance insect pests harbouring.
  • Cut back Bearded Iris’s and any old stems from spring bulbs.
  • Prune back Box hedges to tidy them up, (most jobs are a little late this year due to a wet June). Following a trim, feed Box hedges with maxi crop which contains seaweed extract to build resistance to stress and helps strengthen plants against pests, diseases and weather.
  • Keep a check on weeds around your flower beds.
  • We have noticed a lot of tree seedlings have taken root this year at Bowcliffe, which we have been potting on. This is always worth doing if you spot any little saplings in your own gardens. (Keep them in a space away from rabbits, ideally in a cold frame and make sure they get watered regularly).
  • Take a moment to enjoy summer perennials as they burst into a haze of summer colour! We have noticed a lot of Red Admiral Butterflies recently fluttering about the gardens.

Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday 4th September for one of our most well loved events on the Bowcliffe Events calendar; our Late Summer Garden Tour, you can register your interest or book, here. Visit our magnificent, award-winning gardens at the peak of their late summer glory and be shown around by our talented gardens team.

You’ll hear a short history of Bowcliffe Hall and the gardens, learn about our redevelopment and landscaping project and see how we manage and cultivate our freshly grown micro herbs and vegetables for our kitchens, plus finish the day with the ultimate indulgence – Afternoon Tea and Champagne in the elegant Georgian setting of the Bowcliffe Room.

Big or small, make sure you get outside and enjoy you outdoor space!