April 20, 2015

The Bowcliffe Running Club – Client Services

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The Bowcliffe running club meets on Mondays and Thursdays at 12.30pm for all our Estate clients and residents.

Need a little motivation? Want to de stress at lunchtime? Perhaps you’re already an avid runner and simply want to show the rest of us how it’s done!

If the name ‘running club’ is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, then don’t despair. Meeting at the main gates every Monday and Thursday, the club is open to anyone who wants to walk / power walk / plod / jog or indeed, run. The aim is to get some fresh air, try to gain a respectable level of fitness and have some fun whilst doing it.

The Route(s)

Route wise there is a flat circuit of 3.5 miles or shorter routes from 1.5 miles long. As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down. Or in the case of Bowcliffe, which is situated on a hill – what goes down, must then be climbed back up! We guarantee that whatever distance you decide to cover you will certainly feel like you’ve a.) Exercised and b.) Achieved something.

Whilst the club aims to set off together, it is also understood that people run at different speeds and have varying targets on distance and time. Some members like to chat as they walk / run, whilst others listen to music or spend the time wondering what on earth they were thinking.

The whole intention of the club is to exercise, recover, shower and return to work within the hour.

See you at the main gates, 12.30, on Mondays and Thursdays. To find out more / gain some reassurance (!) then please email Lucinda Jennings