July 2, 2019

100 Years of the Bayford Group

“We are delighted to be celebrating 100 years of Bayford this year. After the end of the First World War four soldiers from Leeds were demobbed in a village called Bayford in Hertfordshire. They started a coal merchants in Leeds and whilst now a much more diverse business, Bayford has continued its evolution in the energy sector. It launched Gulf Gas and Power in 2017.

In 1988, Bayford Energy moved to Bowcliffe Hall Estate where the Bayford Group Head Office remains today.

Author and historian Nigel Watson is finalising his book on the history of Bayford and the first 100 years. It is due to be published before Christmas”

– Bayford CEO and Bowcliffe Custodian, Jonathan Turner

If you have any memories or photos of Bayford and its many characters, we’d love you to share them by emailing events@bowcliffehall.co.uk or using the hashtag #Bayford100 on social media.