Blossom & Adam’s Special Celebration


Adam & I met during our apprenticeship schemes in 2015 and we both work in Aerospace. Robert Blackburn who lived at Bowcliffe Hall founded the site that I worked at. The fact the venue has a treehouse in the shape of an aircraft wing really was the icing on the cake as to why this was the perfect venue for us. We live about 40 minutes from Bowcliffe Hall and it was the perfect venue for us, we didn’t know anyone else who had had a wedding there, nor had we been for a wedding there, so it was very exciting for us and our guests too. My great grandmother also worked at Bowcliffe in the 1930s, so on the whole, Bowcliffe Hall held a great sentiment in both our lives!

the beginning


We met as apprentices in early 2015 and starting going out in September of the same year. I moved in with Adam after 3 months! We then travelled to Australia in December 2017 and Adam proposed to me in Noosa, I’d visited as a child and a teenager and fallen in love with the place and always spoke to Adam about Noosa. He picked the most perfect point in the trip to propose! He had designed the ring himself and it was just perfect. As soon as we got back to the UK in the Jan 2018 I booked wedding venue visits straight away, and we booked Bowcliffe in Feb 2018 for our September 2020 wedding! Everything was going swimmingly and I always said who complains about planning a wedding, it was stress free until March 2020, 6 months before the big day.

Becky our wedding planner has been fabulous throughout the whole process. We weren’t too concerned about our September 2020 date as we thought Covid would be done and dusted by then! Oh how wrong we were. But Becky allowed us to secure a back up date in 2021 so our minds were at ease.


If it wasn’t for Blossom there wouldn’t have been a wedding. If Bowcliffe are ever on the look out for another wedding planner, I know where to find you one. To have planned us 4 separate wedding dates and pulled off what she did with Becky is just one of many reasons why I married Bloss. We met as apprentices and Blossom blew me away from the first time we met. It wasn’t long after that I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I proposed on our holiday in Australia because it was a special place for Blossom and now it is a special place for the both of us – any excuse for more trips over there in the future. If I’m being honest, I was more than happy to let Bloss plan the wedding with minimal input from me as we both have the same values and like the same things. I don’t think she did a bad job in the end.



We wanted something a bit different to what we had seen before. We also wanted a wedding venue that nobody we knew had used… or even been a guest at! Bowcliffe ticked all our boxes for many reasons but of course, it had to be the Blackburn Wing that did it for us.

After we had finally had our evening reception in September at Bowcliffe with all our family and friends, they could not believe the little gem we had been sat on. Everyone loved every aspect of the venue and we got so many messages about how brilliant Bowcliffe Hall really was. I don’t think words will ever be enough so if you’re even just slightly tempted, book the viewing and meet the team, you won’t regret it.


Due to Covid we didn’t really end up decorating the venue as we didn’t have a reception in December. Becky made sure the room we had the ceremony in looked as beautiful as it could for a 20 minute ceremony! With petals down the aisles and lanterns too. When we finally got to celebrate in September, we used the Drivers club and I didn’t want to take away from the décor that is already in there, so we had minimal decorations again.



As we had had 3 different wedding dates in 3 different seasons, my florist really had a challenge trying to keep up with my ever changing requests. Emma from the Petal Studio really brought my vision to life and I couldn’t be more grateful. My favourite flowers are Anemones and for our September wedding they were out of season, but luckily for me they were blooming for our December wedding. Emma managed to create the most beautiful bouquet using Anemones, Red Roses, Thistles, Eucalyptus and Berries without making it feel Christmassy. I loved my bouquet so much that it was sent off straightaway to be preserved and now I have it framed in our home forever.

Emma also created a piece for the table where we signed the register and provided buttonholes for all the men and corsages for the women. Every guest had a little something to wear that tied in with my bouquet, with Adam’s being slightly different to the rest of the men. This too is preserved in the frame with my bouquet.


Unfortunately, due to limits on number of guests, we couldn’t include any bridesmaids or groomsmen on our day in December. I was very lucky that I was still able to get ready as normal with my friends and they made the morning of my wedding feel as normal as possible. We of course made up for this in September and my 3 bridesmaids wore a beautiful dark green, similar (and unintentional) to all of Bowcliffe’s branding.



I was a bit nervous before the ceremony but then remembered I was only walking down the aisle and saying our vows in front of 12 people, how hard could it be? I was still able to be walked down the aisle by my dad and we walked down to ‘Can’t help falling in love’ which is one of my dad’s favourites. He told me afterwards he was only going to cry because of the song and not giving me away! Walking into the room and seeing Adam at the other end, all my focus was on him. To me it wouldn’t have mattered if there was 1000 people there or no one there, I was so caught up in the moment and the journey we had been on to get there that I just couldn’t wait to marry him.


Everything was hand on heart perfect. Having a wedding during covid really made us both realise it wasn’t about having the perfect big white wedding, but celebrating what matters most to you. Your love for each other and your friends and family who will support you along that journey.

We had the most wonderful day at Bowcliffe in December, then celebrating in the evening the following September. The team at Bowcliffe made everything so easy. Becky really was brilliant to have on the other end of the phone, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been there on our journey.



Just thank you. I think I have said it a million times over but I will always been incredibly grateful for everything that has been done since that initial enquiry in January 2018. It took a long time to get to where we are now but I am being honest when I say I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Thank you again for making everything so incredibly easy.


Alfie Wright at Clique Visuals


Wedding dress: Monsoon

Suit: Suits Direct



Bride: The Rainbow Club

Groom: Kurt Geiger

Rings: Jessica Flinn Jewelry

Florist: Emma at The Petal Studio

Thank you so much to Blossom & Adam for sharing the intimate details of your beautiful day with us, we loved having you.

Bowcliffe Hall is unlike a traditional country house wedding venue. If you decide to say ‘I do’ here, the entire Estate is at your disposal, and our events team will do everything in their power to ensure every detail of your day is perfect. To enquire simply email or call us on 01937 541111.